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Enhancing Learning Through Design

The Committee on Architecture for Education (@aiacae) annual conference will take place in Barcelona, Spain, from 27-30 April. The 2014 theme – the Value of Design – finds ample expression in Barcelona where design and designers are celebrated. Whereas last year’s conference in San Francisco focused on design thinking and technology, the 2014 conference will underscore the influence of culture, art, and history on the design of places for learning.

Why Barcelona? The post-Franco era in Spain allowed the re-emergence of regionalism, and Catalonia, of which Barcelona is the heart, responded enthusiastically. With a robust economy by southern European standards, Mediterranean coastline, and rich architectural heritage, Barcelona is a thriving city with a unique design sensibility.

One focus of the Catalonian emergence is the education of their children, and they embarked on an ambitious program of creating new learning environments. The selection of architects through design competitions resulted in a large number of innovative and creative learning environments. A broad sampling of these buildings, plus visits to well known architectural gems are part of the CAE 2014 Conference, The Value of Design in Education.

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