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The Morpholio Project

France Section Director Bertrand Coldefy, Int'l. Assoc. AIA notes that work from his son, former AIA Europe member Thomas Coldefy, has been selected for The Morpholio Project.

The Morpholio Project is an experiment in distributed intelligence and putting as much valuable feedback as possible into the design process.
At its heart, the project has been a global experiment in how device culture is changing our design process. It has ambitious goals and hopes to re-imagine the portfolio as a design utility, globalize critique, and create a horizontal platform for collaboration. Read more in the press release.
You can join the Morpholio Project via the App Store for full functionality (for iPhone and iPad), or log in to to create an account, and start sharing.

The membership increased by 2000% in 2 weeks; it now exceeds 1500 members in over 20 countries.