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Board meeting highlights AIA Europe events

With the successful resolution of Board nominations in Belgrade (October 2010), the 2011 AIA Europe Board first met — with enthusiasm and endurance — in Paris (January 2011).

Led by Gregg Brodarick, Assoc. AIA, the Board addressed ongoing concerns regarding the financial health of the chapter, extending the reach of AIA Europe through new marketing initiatives, and the continuing effort in planning the Chapter’s signature events.

With Stockholm and Basel conferences upcoming for 2011, approval was given to schedule a conference in Hamburg for the autumn of 2012 and further develop plans for a conference in Israel in the spring of that same year.

With the participation of Peter Jurmala, AIA by Skype, the board found encouragement that the Stockholm conference will be strongly attended, expecting that a full chapter meeting will allow some long-awaited changes to the chapter bylaws. More information on that meeting and the bylaws changes will be forthcoming.

Interested members are welcome to read the meeting minutes. →

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