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Athens: Ecology + Environment + Architecture

Registration for the 10-13 April 2008 AIA Continental Europe International Conference and Chapter Meeting, "Athens: Ecology + Environment + Architecture", is now open. Early registration ends 13 February 2008. Conference organizing committee chair Elias Messinas, Int'l. Assoc. AIA notes:

The word is out in Greece at EuroCharity and Ecology-Salonika!

I was assured that [the conference] will be publicized in the next TEE newsletter. On 17/1, the newspaper where I write will have something on the conference & a press release will go out shortly before the 17th with Ecoweek activity and the AIACE conference. Also, magazines of architecture that are coming out later this month will contain information on the conference.

[W]e expect the AIACE conference to be on the UIA website and newsletter shortly. The same with the DETAIL e-newsletter this month.

In other words, the word is out! Let's get the registration online and let's start rolling!

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