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Membership notices

Chapter membership notices are going out very soon; please note that local dues (those not assessed through the Institute) are taking a jump in 2008. (See the board meeting minutes from London). As no space is dedicated to this increase in the dues letter, I wish to ease the shock here. See through the red by recalling this:

  1. Chapter dues have not increased for some years. (Ed. note: you would think the outgoing two-term secretary would have this information at his fingertips! Alas, he does not.)
  2. While from the US perspective the increase seems particularly onerous, the chapter is taking a bigger hit every year as the dollar slides in value to the euro. (In other words, from the chapter's perspective, dues being paid in dollars have been decreasing over the past few years. At this writing, a $100 dues payment yields less that €70 for AIACE. Ouch.)

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