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Membership renewal invoices

Membership invoices from the Institute are now available for AIA Continental Europe members in member designations (PDF link) of Architect, Associate, International Associate and Emeritus members (who are continuing with their magazine subscription). Members might not yet have invoices by post or email but invoices are ready for online renewal. The online renewal process begins at Members having problems with the online renwal process are encouraged to seek help first at the “Login tips” link on the renewal start page. Payment of invoices is due 15 January 2007.

Chapter invoices for local “unassigned” memberships and “Professional Affiliate” members will be emailed or posted before mid-December.

(I have just completed the renewal process. I do not recall being asked, last year, for US registration information. If any member does not have this information readily available and find the renewal can be completed, please contact Richard or leave a comment in the comment section of this post.)