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Managing contact information

AIA membership renewal invoicing for 2007 dues begins in earnest this month. Accuracy of member contact information is an important component of the process. Unfortunately, no one-step program exists to check or correct every necessary channel of contact, thereby making assistance from members essential.

All of the following items need attention when contact information changes. (For members belonging only to AIA Continental Europe, only the second two need attention.)

  1. Change contact data with AIA National:
  2. Change AIA Continental Europe mailing list email:
  3. Send changes to:

Notes: The system is best served if one uses the same email address for AIA National, AIA Continental Europe mailing lists and AIA Continental Europe contact data. The Chapter database email list is checked occasionally against the mailing lists but relying on any random check would result in missed communications. Members are encouraged to review their contact data at any time through the member finder.

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