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eMagazine #40/15: Catalan-Architects |

Barcelona conference organizer Sophia Gruzdys AIA, with Dominique Tomasov of Barcelona, recommend reviewing 29 September 2015 issue of World Architects e-magazine, which "follows [the] proposed conference itinerary very closely."

World-Architects is excited to announce the launch of Catalan-Architects, the seventeenth platform under the World-Architects umbrella. The regional Catalan-Architects platform recognizes the amazing quality of buildings and landscapes produced in the region anchored by Barcelona. This special issue of the World-Architects eMagazine, entirely devoted to Catalonian architecture, celebrates the platform's launch with profiles, projects, events, and articles that provide some historical context, trace the evolution of developments in the region, and cover the various ways that Barcelona and its environs continue to be unique architecturally. More →
eMagazine #40/15: Catalan-Architects |