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Vienna and its refugees

Les Jordan AIA, Committee chair for Vienna | The world's most livable city writes a note for the few concerned and the curious remainder regarding life in Europe at this time:

We've received a few concerns about the refugee crisis in Europe, in particular in Vienna, and how this affects the upcoming conference and travel to Vienna. I can assure you that Vienna is safe, with no reason for concern. I travel daily to work and back in the city, as well as in the evenings to meet friends, and I have yet to encounter any problematic or worrisome situations. 
Last week was an exceptional moment, when thousands of refugees arrived from Hungary exhausted and in poor condition. They were greeted with open arms by locals and volunteers in Vienna, offering aid, food, water, and encouragement. Most of the refugees have passed on toward Germany and further north, while some have remained to seek asylum. Please be assured that there is no cause for alarm or intimidation when coming Austria.
I look forward to welcoming you to our upcoming conference. We have an exciting program lined up for you. — Les Jordan AIA