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AIA National president-elect Tom Vonier letter to members

Dear Chapter Members,

By now, many of you have learned that the AIA membership has elected me to serve as the AIA president in 2017. I was elected on the first ballot, by what appears to have been a very large margin. This is a wonderful honor, and a strong, convincing endorsement of the issues raised in my campaign.

AIA Europe can take pride in being the first offshore Chapter to advance a member to the Institute's highest elected office. This fact reflects and honors our global outlook, our loyal involvement in AIA, and our regular engagement with AIA political matters through the years.

Please accept my profound thanks for your support. Special thanks are due to several people who worked hard on my behalf: Françoise Vonier, Bertrand Coldefy, Bardhyl Rama, Richard Anderson, Nóra Demeter, and Gregg Brodarick. I had great help from many good friends in Chapters throughout the US, and from other offshore Chapters and the AIA International Region.

Françoise and I regret that longstanding prior obligations [prevented] us from being in Milan to enjoy your company and the excellent program you've organized. But we will be with you in Vienna! Until then, thank you and warmest regards,


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