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Anniversary message from IR president Bruckner

Via e-mail, AIA International President Christine Bruckner, FAIA sends this message to AIA Continental Europe members and friends on the occasion of 20 years. 

I so wish I could be there now to celebrate your incredible 20th anniversary with you all! 
On behalf of the AIA International Region please accept our heartfelt congratulations, admiration and best wishes on your 20th anniversary. 
AIA Continental Europe has been and continues to be a role model for the Institute internationally - bringing AIA members together from around the world to share friendship, expertise, form new partnerships and explore great works and opportunities together. Your success for two decades is nothing to take lightly, it is the result of commitment, resolve and tens of thousands of volunteer hours by architects from all over Europe and beyond. I raise a glass to toast the current AIA Europe Leadership and the 20 years of boards that have come before to bring you to this point.
We wish you continued success for the next 20 years! 
On a specific note I am happy to share that indeed members of the Continental Europe Chapter will be receiving Design Awards at the inaugural AIA IR Awards Ceremony in Hong Kong on November 19. If anyone can be there to celebrate please come. If you are unable to attend no worries as we will have another celebration at Grassroots in Washington DC! If you are a recipient you will be advised soon :) 
Please remember that Vincent Marani, AIA is your AIA IR Zone 1 representative from AIA Europe and he serves another year as Director on the AIA IR Board. Please let him know if you would like to join any committees or get involved with any special coming events. We are here to serve and work with you all as this is your International Region and one which AIA Europe played an important role in forming. Thank you and again, CONGRATULATIONS!
for and on behalf of the AIA International Region
Dr. Christine Bruckner, FAIA
President AIA International Region 2014-15