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AIA YAF Monthly Tweet-Up

This month, the Young Architects Forum of the AIA 60 minute discussion will take a look at the emerging professionals perspective on international design and practice. Join us Wednesday, 20 August 2-3pm ET (20h00 CET). Please use Hashtag: #yafchat to follow along. This month's chat will be featured in the next issue of Connection. For additional information, please contact the YAF Public Relations Director, Evelyn Lee at or @AIAYAF.

Below are Questions for the Tweet-up, "Emerging Professionals perspective on Globalization and International Practice":

  1. What will future globalization mean for the profession of architecture? #yafchat
  2. How can young architects prepare for international practice? #yafchat
  3. How has our industry been recently affected by global occurrences (political, social, economic)? #yafchat
  4. How can we better buffer ourselves from the detrimental impacts of global occurrences (economic downturns, for instance)? #yafchat
  5. How can we better benefit from developments occurring internationally? #yafchat
  6. What are some risks we might encounter from practicing internationally? And how can we reduce those risks? #yafchat
  7. With global warming being considered an epidemic affecting every nation, how can architects get involved in the conversation for change? #yafchat
  8. How is technology continually evolving the global practice? #yafchat
  9. What other threats do you see for practice surrounding globalization? #yafchat
  10. What other opportunities do you see for practice surrounding globalization? #yafchat

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