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#Swisspearl Summer School: #Empower Shack

AIA Europe sponsor Swisspearl Summer School Empower Shack is a two-week design and build workshop aimed at developing an innovative, replicable shack prototype for a site in Cape Town.

The program is a collaboration between Eternit (Schweiz) AG, the Brillembourg & Klumpner Chair of Architecture and Urban Design, the BLOCK research group at ETH, and South African NGO Ikhayalami (‘My Home’).
Using an actual property in Khayelitsha – the third largest township in South Africa – as a model, 24 international students and participants from the Department of Architecture at ETH Zurich will explore the complexity of living conditions in informal settlements, and the social role of architects in helping to address the economic, ecological and security challenges faced by residents. 
The summer school is an initiative of Eternit (Schweiz) AG as part of a biannual program centered on the development of young architects in Switzerland.
Learn more about Empower Shack ❒

—via Sandra Zettersten AIA and Christine C. Dietrich, Head of Architecture at Swisspearl

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