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AIA Convention Webcast

I've just watched my first webcast from the AIA Convention in San Francisco. If you care to see and learn some amazing things or simply need learning units, and find yourself having missed Manchester and the AIA Convention, you owe it to yourself to give the webcast a whirl. Not only it is free (aside from your time) but you can have refreshments in the room if you like. You can even watch with your 3-year-old on your lap. Coziest AIA seminar ever!

I have a two-screen set-up and was able to watch the speakers in full screen while watching the slides on the second. The sound quality was great through auxiliary speakers (headphones were my second choice). While the streaming image — not the slides — suffered from some minor pixelation, it was very watchable. All this with a lower-than-average speed DSL setup in our little corner of West Virginia.
—Richard Anderson, AIA

Registration is quick and easy and seminars run live through Saturday. For CET, the last seminar is a bit late but many are available for the afternoon and evening. On-demand (asynchronous) sessions will be available at a later date.

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