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Invitation to Hoban Symposium and Colloquium

To Members Of The American Institute Of Architects European Chapters

In the early 20th century, members of the Washington, DC chapter of the American Institute of Architects paid an annual visit to the grave of a European colleague whom they regarded as “a designer of refined taste and with a considerable measure of originality who preserved until his death the respect and esteem of the principal men of his time.”

— Francis P. Sullivan AIA in Mount Olivet Cemetery, Washington DC, December 1929, at the grave of James Hoban (1758-1831), designer and builder of The White House

It's time to honor him again — and to celebrate the contribution of all architects born or educated outside their country of current or major professional endeavour.

As an American architect in Europe, or as a European-born or based architect with ties of education, experience, interest or influence to the United States, we believe that the inaugural Hoban commemoration event will provide a unique perspective on the history of American architecture and its European roots.

It will also give you the opportunity to enjoy a long week-end in one of Europe's most beguiling and rewarding environments, where hospitality, heritage and cosmopolitan creativity have come together to provide the perfect background for relaxation, inspiration and learning.

The Hoban Commemoration Program has the full support of the American Institute of Architects and is eligible for the claiming of continuing education credits.

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