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Como, Italy: Two Photos and a Quote

Werner Rüegger, AIA (AIACE President, 2005) writes:

I would like to thank you all once more for a most enjoyable weekend in Como. I even found the little book on Giuseppe Terragni in the bookstore and [my wife] found a little something at the silk factory.

The meeting places were original and the food superb. Nothing could have topped the boat ride on Sunday morning. Italy at it’s best!

The “all” Werner references are undoubtedly his fellow attendees and, importantly, the event organizer, Italy Section Director Esteban Cruz, Assoc. AIA.

Attendees are encouraged to provide additional comments and a left to right accounting of the members and guests pictured in image one. Please add them to the comments section of this post. Identification of the Villa in image two would also be appreciated.