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CES Provider Workshop

The American Institute of Architects, AIA Continental Europe and Col⋅legi d’Arquitectes de Catalunya are pleased to announce a Continuing Education System provider program for 17 October 2006 in Barcelona.

The workshop, modified for european and international needs, is for CES providers — AIA components, affiliate organizations (e.g. the european equivalent of the CSI & USGBC), universities, non-profit organizations, corporations and A & E firms.

The format is intended to train current CES providers, helping them improve their programs, and identify new providers which would expand the options for learning opportunities throughout Europe.

These valuable workshops are meant for anyone interested in the Provider Program or current Providers wanting to know more about CES basics, best practices and “non-negotiables”, CES Web site navigation, marketing strategies and instructional systems design (ISD) tips. We also focus in on how to develop learning objectives and effective [presentations] so you can design your programs properly in the context of the CES policy.
—Thom Lowther, Senior Director AIA/CES

AIA Continental Europe members are encouraged to help promote the workshop to find 20-30 attendees who are current or potential providers of CES credits for our membership. Likely candidates are Corporate Partners, potential Corporate Partners, suppliers and affiliated local organizations. Members belonging to larger private practices might consider establishing their own CES programs as well.

More information can be found at the COAC web page devoted to the seminar.