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AIA Elevates 82 Members to The College of Fellows

The 2006 AIA National Convention and Design Expo in Los Angeles includes the annual investiture of members to Fellows in the Institute. Of the 13 individuals elected as Honorary Fellow, five are within the AIA Continental Europe territory.

In April, France Section Members gathered with a small group of present and future Honorary Fellows of the AIA at the offices of SCAU in Paris. The visit, organized by Ray Spano, AIA, Section Director France was one among a series of office tours highlighting the work and methods of offices in the Paris region. With assistance from Alan Schwartzman, FAIA, the gathering of Fellows brought a small measure of pomp and ceremony for new fellows from the Paris region unable to attend the convention in June.

SCAU is the office of Aymeric Zublena, one of the European architects who will be honored at this year’s Investiture of Fellows Ceremony. Read more→