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Yildiz Exhibition '06

Meetings and Exhibitions in Turkey Brings Together Architects from Europe, USA and Turkey

Yildiz Meeting, a bi-annual national meeting and exhibition on contemporary architecture in Turkey, organized by Yildiz Technical University School of Architecture, sponsored by prestigious industry leaders in Turkey until today, is sponsored for 2006 by Kale Group of Companies and by Yildiz Meeting '06 will be the fourth bi-annual exhibition aiming to bring together world leaders of architecture and the Turkish architects by a travelling exhibition in major cities of Turkey coupled with meetings on Turkish architectural scene.

AIA Continental Europe members Ahmet Vefik Alp, AIA and Murat Soygenis, AIA are among the exhibitors. The complete list of participants in the exhibition:


1Adana03 March 2006
2Konya07 April 2006
3Edirne05 May 2006
4Trabzon03 November 2006
5Eskişehir24 November 2006
6Bursa15 December 2006
—Yildiz Exhibition '06 Organizing Committee