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AIACE Programs: Earning CES Credits Beyond Chapter Conferences

Many American Institute of Architects Continental Europe (AIACE) members rely on Chapter Conferences to gain Continuing Education System (CES) learning units (LU's) for the year, both as part of their obligation toward AIA Membership and certain architectural license jurisdictions in the United States and Canada.

In 1995, when the AIA continuing education transcript first appeared on the AIA Web site, the AIA/CES Records office recorded 250,000 activities for 30,000 AIA members. Today, the AIA/CES Records office records 850,000 activities annually for 60,000 members. In 1995 only three states (Alabama, Florida, and Iowa) had a mandatory continuing education requirement (MCE) in place. Today, there are 22 states and 7 Canadian provinces that have MCE reporting requirements.

Since 1995, the changing nature of CES has impacted all levels of the AIA. This is felt all the way down to the impact here — the AIACE website. While Richard Anderson, AIA (the site administrator) looks for more efficient ways to organize and present news and events, CES related content continues to grow, sometimes outside the current boundaries of the site organization. With this in mind, we present three a la carte CES programs:

For the first two, with AIA Continental Europe as the AIA/CES registered provider, are presented by Dominique Tomasov, AIA, the Chapter’s CES Coordinator: Barcelona: Cerda Plan and Gaudi architecture and Barcelona: Urban Renewal and Accessibility. Each costs 250€ and earns 4 learning units which will be recorded by the Provider to the member’s transcript.

The third, a new program being presented here for the first time, is Istanbul: Nodes and Vistas. Presented by Istanbul based member Murat Soygenis, AIA, CES credits can be registered for completing this tour and sketch seminar through a self-report form.* Members must be logged-in at to access self-report forms via the CES Transcript Login. The program is free of charge, although attendees must pay individual incidental costs (e.g. food, transportation) for the half-day.

*While the AIA accepts credits earned thru Self-Reporting, not all States do. Participants should check with their licensing boards for special conditions which may apply.