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AIA Events in Europe - September 2005

From the International Committee Newsletter:

HRC International Historic Preservation/Architecture Education Symposium
September 12-14, 2005
Bath, England

Prague: 20th-Century Architecture in Transition? From Monarchy to Democracy, from Communism to Civil Society
September 17 - 23, 2005

Once the realm of the great Austro-Hungarian Empire, the heart of Central Europe is enjoying a cultural, economic, and political renaissance after emerging from a century of tumult and turmoil. The AIA Committee on Design conference in Prague will explore design of buildings, sites, and the city in relationship to the political, social, cultural, and economic transitions and the permanence of the historical, climatic, and geographic environment. The architectural heritage of the hundred-spire city of Prague provides the background for Czech Modernism of the 20th century. The conference will focus on the architecture and society of the Interwar period, referred to as the Golden Age of Modernism. To be examined are works of Art Nouveau, Czech Cubism, Functionalism, Socialist Realism, and new developments since the Velvet Revolution and Velvet Divorce. At the crossroads of Europe, the cross-fertilization of ideas between Czechs and other cultures is evident in the arts and architecture of Prague.