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The 2005 Events calendar has been started. Included with some subtle visual changes (see 2004) are under the hood improvements which include a clean printing version and a minimum page width (not available to all browsers, sorry).

Events announcements will continue on the main page. Appearance of any event announcement is dependent on the web editor learning about them in timely fashion.

Speaking of browsers, the web editor has been running a virtual Windows environment to test this site on a Mac. If you are not using ClearType with Windows XP you are not coming close to seeing this site — or the remainder of the internet — with the same quality that a Mac display yields. Designing this site on a Windows machine might have, grudgingly, meant more images as a substitute for text.

True to its roots, the Macintosh has vastly superior type handling capabilities. ClearType approaches this quality. Any machine with the horsepower required should have it running. See more clearly via the Windows Control Panel > Appearance and Themes > Display > Appearance > Effects > select "Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts" with "ClearType" in the pop-up menu.