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All information but the details of registration are available for the Paris Conference — a celebration of AIA Continental Europe’s tenth anniversary.

Dense of AIA/CES learning units and packed with opportunites for contact with American and European associates, the conference promises an in-depth look at the circumstances of contemporary development in Paris from the persepctive of the architect. Read the conference description, view the draft program and, for early planning, peruse our hotel notes.

The regsitration form will be posted as soon as it becomes available and linked here and in the right side-bar. Look for it soon.

I've attended chapter conferences once a year since Dublin 2000 and I've never been to an AIACE conference that did refresh and inspire my outlook on architecture. Having edited this information for the web site, I am impressed with what the structure of this program promises: a deep understanding of what is required to stimulate and nuture a new urban neighborhood, one that is neither nostalgic nor anchored by a shopping “experience”.

1 August 2004 Update: we also have a selection of restaurants.

25 August 2004 Update: The registration form is also available for download.