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2015 Honors & Awards

Announced at the gala dinner for Vienna | The world's most livable city, AIA Europe is pleased to present the winners of the 2015 Honors & Awards Program.


Student award

Running independently of the Honors & Awards program was the Alan Schwartzman scholarship, awarded for the summer of 2015 to Julia Kwolyk of the University of Virginia. The presentation of her time at the École des Beaux-Arts at Fontainebleau during the Vienna conference is available to view here as a PDF.

Julia also created a summary of her experience in Vienna.


Thank you. For joining us in Vienna.

The Laufen newsletter from October: Thank you. For joining us in Vienna.


Gregg Brodarick Milan video

Via Isplora, Gregg Brodarick, Assoc. AIA,  committee chair for the Spring 2015 conference Milan | Food, architecture, and design, shares a video: Looking up in Milano


Les Jordan Vienna album

Les Jordan AIA, committee chair of the 2015 AIA Europe Vienna conference, shares a photo album in the Facebook group AIA Europe.



Enjoying the AIA Europe Conference

The Laufen reception in Vienna: Enjoying the AIA Europe Conference 2015 - Vienna



AIA Europe conference in Vienna

Richard Anderson shares images from Vienna.

Vienna | 2015 visit with AIA Europe




eMagazine #40/15: Catalan-Architects |

Barcelona conference organizer Sophia Gruzdys AIA, with Dominique Tomasov of Barcelona, recommend reviewing 29 September 2015 issue of World Architects e-magazine, which "follows [the] proposed conference itinerary very closely."

World-Architects is excited to announce the launch of Catalan-Architects, the seventeenth platform under the World-Architects umbrella. The regional Catalan-Architects platform recognizes the amazing quality of buildings and landscapes produced in the region anchored by Barcelona. This special issue of the World-Architects eMagazine, entirely devoted to Catalonian architecture, celebrates the platform's launch with profiles, projects, events, and articles that provide some historical context, trace the evolution of developments in the region, and cover the various ways that Barcelona and its environs continue to be unique architecturally. More →
eMagazine #40/15: Catalan-Architects |




Alan Schwartzman scholarship

Julia Kwolyk, the winner of the Alan Schwartzman Scholarship for 2015, will give a presentation of her time at the École des Beaux-Arts at Fontainebleau. With an introduction by AIA Europe president Bertrand Coldefy, the presentation will be part of the Saturday morning program at the Vienna University of Economics.



2015 honor and awards program

Recent refinements to Vienna | The world's most livable city include items on the AIA Europe Honors & Awards program. Winners for the 2015 awards will be announced before the Saturday gala dinner.



4th of July…err, September

Most of the group
The France section held its annual 4 July picnic on 4 September this year. Avoiding the 104°F (40°C) heat in July, it was unusually cool, making the food and drink arranged by the France section director Michael Shamieh, plus contributions by those attending, all the more important.



Vienna and its refugees

Les Jordan AIA, Committee chair for Vienna | The world's most livable city writes a note for the few concerned and the curious remainder regarding life in Europe at this time:
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Transit in Vienna

Les Jordan AIA, chair of the Vienna conference committee, has this to say about transit for the Vienna conference:

For those arriving by plane, two methods for travel into the city center are recommended:
  1. The CAT train costs €10 and the trip takes 15 minutes. 
  2. Taxi direct to city center hotels — expect to pay about €35-40.
Attendees for the full conference will receive a 72 hour transit pass for you during the conference during onsite registration. Weekend attendees will receive a 48 hour pass. 
Additional information regarding conference locations is available now on the conference web page. See the resources menu on the upper right >




Vienna | The world's most livable city.

Too bold? Many think it's not (although Vienna did drop to number 2 in some 2015 rankings). It is also the title of the upcoming AIA Europe conference. The pace of registration is quickening — register and book housing this week instead of racing against the calendar. Details of the conference, where a full registration can earn 18 AIA CES LUs are at